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Samples - strictly for cafe`s only


Samples - strictly for cafe`s only


We have set up this option for cafe owners only  who would like to sample our products, we simply charge $9.95 for P & H costs.

International cafes $29.95 P & H



15g Turmeric latte 

15g Beetroot latte 

15g Turmeric Cocoa latte

15g Beetroot cocoa latte

15g Rooibos matcha latte 

15g Matcha latte

15g Blue Latte

15g Charcoal latte

15G Chai Latte

15g Dutch Cocoa Latte

- We strictly advise that you enter a (cafe) business name and address as we screen all orders prior to being shipped and will NOT ship orders placed for personal use.


We do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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