Located in Perth, we supply cafes and retail outlets across Australia with Simara Blends, Australia`s most sophisticated and perfectly balanced latte blends. 

We offer a superior range of latte mixes specifically created for the alternative beverage lifestyle. 
Simara is the solution for consumers who may not tolerate caffeine, or are simply looking for a coffee alternative.

We have spent two decades in the hospitality industry, not only learning from, but understanding our customers. 
We listened to their needs, and developed a range of latte blends that are simple to prepare, smooth in flavour, and are made with ingredients grown from our sacred land.

At the heart of everything we do is the end consumer. 
Our happiness comes from helping our customers design a life they love, giving you the choice to enjoy a balanced lifestyle. 

We want to inspire business owners to create a product offering that empowers their customers and improves their business. 
Simara gives your customers a reason to come back.

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